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7448   ladislav kozlok • előzmény7441 2021-03-08 08:35:32

Vážená a milá pani  Hanka. dakujem za Vaše úprimné slová. I ked Lacka som osobne nepoznal, stali sme sa dobrými priateľmi. Viete ja som človek veriaci a pri každej večernej motlibe prosím Hospodina za spásu duše  mojej Aničky a Vášho Lacka.  A čo nám  ostáva - čakať a dúfať, a s láskou spomínať. 

Ak by  som Vám  mohol v  niečom pomôcť, kľudne sa na mňa  obrátte.

S úctou   Laci

7441   Haandel 2021-03-07 12:37:50


Dear All,
Excuse me for writing English, but I'm sorry I don't speak Hungarian.
It is not always easy to thank. Not because we can't do it, but because every word, however accurate, carefully chosen, never expresses what one who wants to express gratitude feels. Only if he was the master of the pen. And sorry, that is not me.

You all made me cry. But for the first time since departure of Haandel, my tears of joy were mixed into tears of grief. Thank you for feeling that way.

Dear Zéta,
I would especially like to thank you in particular. For your generous gesture when you decided to pay so much attention to Haandel at Café Momus. For all your touching words and already in the title of the obituary “Who always just gave to others.”

Dear Héterö,
Thank you for your true friendship with Haandel. I'm sorry it can't continue. Thank you for translating his poems. Thank you for the many kind words of consolation. And without your selfless help, no one would know on Momus about Haandel´s death.

Dear Lujza, Klára, Smaragd, Ladislav Kozlok, Búbánat ,
Dear All,

Thank you for your warm words of consolation.
Thank you Lujza, Klára, Smaragd, Ladislav and Búbánat for your friendly relationship with him. Thank you for your personal memories of Haandel. Thank you for appreciating his work. I'm very sorry he didn't hear that. But as Smaragd writes: “ you are somewhere up there and listening to us, reading "Momus", aren't you? “ he is here with us.

Thank you Ladislav Kozlok for your condolences and appreciation to Haandel. I value it all the more because you yourself are experiencing the greatest sorrow for the loss of a loved one right now.

Yes, Lujza, you recognized it. Although Haandel origin is Hungarian, he received his education only in Slovak schools, so he did not speak standard Hungarian.

Yes, Búbánat, Haandel´s story on Momus started as you write. Erzsébet Házy and his admiration for her and her art were what led him to Momus trail. So he turned to you. But I must tell that the first and last disease in his life did not last long, only a very short 4 months.

Finally I would like to thank Daunerni for making my contact with Héterö possible.

I have to tell you all, Haendel not only liked to give, but also liked to receive. All your passionate evaluations of opera and singing performances, no matter how personal, were a source of new, another and deeper knowledge for him and both of us. The music sounded permanent in our house and Momus and his group were part of our household. Thank you for that.

And now that I see the richness and impressiveness of your language in the speeches of all of you I fully understand that my husband was so attracted to Momus.

Just as Zéta encourages you all: “ let us nurture the Live Broadcasts” Haandel would definitely wish that and so do I. I believe that many of you also want for Live broadcast to continue in whatever form and whoever of you did it. However, Haendel would have liked if he will be Héterö, who is skilled for this. Of course if he had the interest and the free time.

I will definitely come to Café Momus from time to time.
Thank you for your time and listening to me.


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